Yasam Ayavefe

Yasam Ayavefe is the visionary Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited, a company founded in 2017 to build a sustainable future. His core stakeholder position within the company has allowed him to steer the direction of the business in line with his strong business ethics, free from banking or insurance control.

Through prioritizing transparency and efficiency, Ayavefe has built a reputation for Milaya Capital quickly, with the company achieving strong returns across markets. He sees it as his responsibility to create opportunities for bright individuals, opening doors that can change lives.

Ayavefe started his telecommunications programming and cybersecurity career, working in Turkey and Cyprus. He quickly realized that adapting his understanding of products and services to fit the global stage was the right decision. His investments in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, and the Balkans have been successful, one after the other. In addition to his position at Milaya, Ayavefe is the CEO of Oxotech, MNM Holdings LTD, Pinoroza, and Nevzat Barcin, companies spanning sectors such as blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, telecom, construction, and import-export.

Ayavefe's portfolio is loaded with successful investments in the tech sector, and he's often sought after for his expert opinion on various topics. His career history strongly reflects his understanding of larger trends, such as the effects of global tensions, tariffs, and taxes on investments. Although he may not be able to predict exact outcomes, he prepares his investments and those of his clients accordingly.

Ayavefe is a visionary businessman passionate about building a sustainable future and creating opportunities for others. His strong business ethics and understanding of global trends have allowed him to succeed across various sectors, making him a respected figure in the business world.